Coastal Walks you have to do

No holiday is complete without becoming one with nature. When you are on holiday in the central coast of Australia, there are five must-do central coast bush walks that you simply have to attempt. Some of them are quite easy, while others are actually quite challenging and even physically demanding. All of them will make your spirits soar and help to ensure that your central coast Holiday becomes a truly magical and unforgettable experience that you carry with you the rest of your life.  Click here for a list of other exciting things to do on the Central Coast.

Visit Central Coast is an excellent reference site when planning your Central Coast Holiday.

5 Lands Coastal Walk

The 5 Lands Coastal Walk is so amazing that there is actually an entire festival dedicated to this gem of central coast walks. The other wonderful feature centers on the fact that it is ideal for beginners and people who like their nature on the easy side. It gets its name from the ubiquitous five lands along the New South Wales Central Coast— MacMasters, Copacabana, Avoca Beach, North Avoca, and Terrigal.

It is no exaggeration to claim that every one of the five lands possesses its own one of a kind characteristics, ranging from booming resort towns to calmer communities along the beach. All of them have a few attractive qualities in common. They each provide fascinating cultures, incredible beaches, surf clubs, and are wonderful communities that are ideal places in which to both live and to visit.

At a manageable nine kilometers, this amazing coastline walk stretching from MacMasters Beach to Terrigal will thrill your soul and inspire your heart with both incredible scenery and free fun and cultural events along the way. You can even take on a Wildlife Package or Overnight Walk if you the spirit moves you. When the stars are aligned just right, you may even see whales swimming off the coast from your perch on the shore line.

Bouddi Coastal Walk

For the most beautiful of central coast bush walks, you simply have to experience the Bouddi Coastal Walk. This eight kilometer crown jewel of the coastal walks and central coast outdoors experiences tantalizes with shady rain forest walks, panoramic breathtaking views, enticing picnic hideaways, fascinating boardwalks, unparalleled beaches, and exotic wild bird sightings. It is no exaggeration to tell you that a priceless photo opp abounds on literally every turn of this Putty Beach to MacMasters Beach stretch of unspoiled coast. From unusual birds to stunning wildflowers to whales in migration, this lord of the central coast bush walks has something for everyone.

The Bouddi Coastal Walk enchants you all along the way from Putty Beach on to MacMasters Beach. If you want an easygoing walk that will provide you with an unforgettable and even life changing experience, then come take the Bouddi Coastal Walk and camp for the night at the Putty Beach camp ground or along the trail at the Little Beach camp ground.

Kincumber Mt Reserve

At around a forty-five minute drive from Sydney, Kincumber Mountain Reserve lies in the southern portion of New South Wales’ stunning Central Coast. This beautiful walk offers not just the seductive charms of unbridled nature, but also all the thrills of a major activity and holiday destination. The Maitland Bay, Kincumba Mountain Reserve, and the MacMasters Beach and Avoca Beach all wait to beguile you. The mountain itself boasts an exciting downhill trail, along with fire trails and single tracks as well. All this and it is easily accessible to the major area cities too. What more could you possibly want?

Patonga & Pearl Beach

For an interesting coastal walks and central coast villages one-two knockout combination, you simply must try the Patonga and Pearl Beach walks. Not simply one track, this uniquely appealing stretch provides you with an agonizing choice. Will you go the way of the rich and famous by basing yourself in Pearl Beach, or favor instead the far more budget friendly, but still decent quality, camping sites of Patonga? For the big spenders in Pearl Beach, two walks tease the visitor. There is the stiff climb walk that is really only for the physically fit man or woman, or the second track that rewards its adherents with a rain forest environs that finally gives way to a breathtaking waterfall. In any case, the walk here charms you with portions of the Brisbane Water National Park that lies between Pearl Beach and Patonga villages.

One last appeal of the Patonga route is that the track follows the Great North Walk route and provides you with the tempting opportunity for a side excursion down to the Warrah Lookout. This walk gives way to a wide trail that leads gradually down to Pearl Beach, where you can plan on a relaxing swim at the beach and a lunch at the charming cafe. Along the way, you will experience unrivaled views of the water on sunshine filled days and gorgeous wildflowers if it is the spring time when you come.

Pearl Beach Rock Pool & Rock Walk

For those who love endless hours searching for sea shells and other creatures of the deep, the Pearl Beach Rock Pool and Rock Walk is a breathtaking encounter. This Pearl Beach backdrop rewards you with the greatest opportunity to behold the incredible Ocean Rock Pool. You can swim here, too. Besides this, visitors will enjoy Crommelin Arboretum, Mount Ettalong Lookout, Warrah Lookout, and Green Point as part of the local attractions.

You just can not go wrong with a vacation to the Central Coast of New South Wales. You will miss out terribly if you do not attack at least one or two of these life changing vistas though. The good news is that you do not have to miss anything. With five incomparable central coast walks to choose from, the only dilemma is to decide which one you will throw yourself into first.