Central Coast Fishing Spots

The region of Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia plays host to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and excellent Central Coast Fishing Spots. If you love to fish, the Central Coast has a wide range of spots that make for some great days on the water. While there are a lot to choose from, we have scoured the area to give you the absolute best places to set up, that are beautiful and have a great selection of fish. Here are Avoca Palms Resort’s recommendations for the best fishing spots on the coast!

Top 5 Attractions on the Central Coast

Tuggerah Lake Fishing

Located just north of the beautiful Avoca Beach, Tuggerah Lake is home to many species of fish, including everything from Flathead to Mullet and is one of the best around.

There’s a substantial lack of tidal movement in the area, so this is the perfect destination for peace and quiet when you’re fishing in Central Coast NSW. The best time to fish in this area would be just after a relatively heavy rain, as this is when many species of fish search for food, making them easier to catch.

Fishing Tip

When fishing for Flathead, live bait works best. Make sure the bait is rather large as well.

Fishing Pelican Point

Pelican Point

Pelican Point is another fantastic spot for fishing on the Central Coast, especially for rock fishermen.

Pelican Point has several different areas that you can set up shop, offering variation each time you go. The water at Pelican Point has a lot of seaweed, which is teeming with rock Blackfish and Bream. Plus, like the name suggests, you will spot a lot of pelicans!

Fishing Tip

Fishing for Bream requires a deft touch. Use light line and smaller bait, possibly worms or prawns. When trying to catch elusive Blackfish, clam and green crabs work wonders in hooking them.

Long Jetty Fishing

Long Jetty

If you’re a fan of prawn fishing, the best spot to travel to in the Central Coast is known as Long Jetty. The views from the end of the jetty are spectacular and will surely set the mood when you’re trying to reel in a big haul.

Once the water starts to become deeper towards the very end of the jetty, you will want to cast whatever bait you’re using and wait for the right moment to reel in your catch. Not only is this spot good for fishing, but the local vintage shops, beautiful view and cafe’s make it worth the visit. 

Fishing Tips

It’s also recommended to use drag nets for prawn fishing in this location, as they are allowed here and will make for some large catches, especially during the summer months. The most opportune time to fish in this area is when the wind is blowing towards the south.

Terrigal Haven Fishing

Terrigal Fishing Spots

Terrigal is not only a beautiful spot, but it offers a large variety of fish. The famous Terrigal Skillion is an awesome place to sink your line. The three primary fish to find in this spot include the Kingfish, Snapper and Tuna, though it’s also possible to fish for Tailor when in season.

Fishing Tips

To readily catch some Kingfish, try using minnow as bait.

Fish for Tailor during the morning or evenings, as this is when they feed. Make sure to bait your hook with Whitebait or Garfish.

As for Snapper, they won’t bite at the first sign of the bait, which is why it’s smart to use a light line with some equally light bait, such as Prawns or fish fillets.

The Entrance Fishing

The Entrance Fishing Spots

The Entrance is considered to be one of the very best areas for fishing in Central Coast NSW. The lake at the entrance connects directly with the sea, making it the perfect destination for all kinds of fishing.

Species of fish such as Blackfish, Bream, Flathead and Whiting are prevalent in this area. Large amounts of Whiting inhabit this lake during the summer months as well, and are easy to find in the shallow waters below the bridge.

Fishing Tips

Consider using worms and prawns when fishing for Whiting and you should be reeling them in quite easily.

Budgewoi Lake

Budgewoi Lake is one of the more serene and relaxing fishing spots in the Central Coast, which makes for some pleasant fishing. The water is typically warm, due primarily to its close proximity to a nearby power station. This makes it an optimal spot to fish for Bream and the creek at the top on the lake has an abundance of Luderick. If you enjoy taking the boat out for a good fish – this is the place.

Fishing Tips

As mentioned previously, Bream feed on prawns and worms, as well as yabbies, while Luderick can be baited with the use of worms and yabbies. Their mouths are small, so it’s important to only ever use smaller bait when fishing for Luderick.

Lake Munmorah

Lake Munmorah is also considered to be a prime fishing spot, due to the large variety of species that you can fish for when in the area. For instance, Flathead, Bream and Tailor can be located all throughout the lake, while Luderick, Trevally and Long Tom are abundant in the waters surrounding the power station inlet.

Fishing Tip

If you prefer fishing for Tarwhine, try the entrance to the lake for the best chances of reeling one in. Use small cubes of pilchard as bait for Trevally, while the slender Long Tom can be caught with prawns and even anchovies. To best catch Tarwhine, use fresh bait, particularly mussel or rock crab.

Ready To Go fishing in the best spots on the Central Coast?

There you have it! If you are an avid fisherman, or just want to do it casually for the day, these are the best spots the Central Coast, NSW has to offer!

If you stay at Avoca Palms Resort, you are in close vicinity to the top beach fishing spots. Take advantage of your beachside holiday and enjoy the fishing that the Central Coast has to offer.

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