7 Tips to Enjoy Your Holiday

We, at Avoca Palms Resort believe we know a little something about how to create special holidays. Enjoy out 7 Best Tips to Make the Most Our Of Your Holiday.

Holidays are intended to be a time for one to relax and unwind, but studies have shown that holidays themselves often do little to make one happy; instead, the anticipation of a vacation makes one feel happier.

You may ask: why is this the case? There is no simple answer, but one big factor is that holidays often have too high of expectations, lack structure, and do not always provide the refuge they are expected to have. While some have suggested shorter, more regular holidays, less frequent and longer holidays can work as well, provided that they are approached in the right manner. 

Tip #1 Limit Technology

It is very easy – some would argue, even imperative – to be dependent upon technology while living everyday life. Every little beep or ding could send you running to your laptop or phone. 

The process of “detoxing” from technology starts with packing – wholeheartedly look at what you have to bring, and bring no more. That might mean taking your phone and computer, only your phone, only your computer, only your e-reader, etc. Holidays are meant to give you space to relax and take a break from work, but that’s hard to do when you bring work with you. Still feel like you need your gadgets with you? That’s okay, we get it. In that case, turn your phone on airplane mode, or even put it in a completely different room of the house or in your handbag. 

Chances are, nothing that is an emergency will arise. (And if you’re traveling abroad, you most likely will avoid roaming charges).

Tip #2 Manage Expectations

As has been mentioned, one of the biggest impediments to enjoying a holiday is having too high of expectations. Managing your expectations can be done in part by hoping for a “good” trip, rather than a “perfect” trip. No trip will be perfect, as there are bound to be upside downs. Whether it’s the accommodation looks nothing like the photos (definitely not an issue you would have at Avoca Palms), or it completely rained when you wanted to go to the beach, something is bound to mess up your plans. Having more realistic expectations and being adaptable to change will really help you get the most enjoyment out of your holiday. If you are a planner, take extra care to have adaptable plans. If it’s raining, research an indoor activity you can do instead! Managing your expectations is, we believe, the most vital out of 7 Tips to Enjoy Your Holiday, and if considered, gives you the best chance of enjoyment possible.

Tip #3 Prepare

Preparing means not only making arrangements and contingency plans, but packing well. Make sure you bring just as much as you need, but not much more. Make sure you know how the weather could be at your destination, so you can pack the right clothes – you don’t want to have to worry about buying new clothes that you won’t need once you get back home.

Many are able to pack efficiently and effectively by making a packing list. If you can’t think of what you may need, preformulated lists for different kinds of trips can be found online. This way, your holiday won’t be disrupted by the fact you forgot to bring a swimsuit!

Tip #4 Timing

A big problem for many individuals who holiday is that they take a trip at a time when they shouldn’t. Taking a holiday when you are new to a job, for example, usually leads to an employer and coworkers being angry, making it harder to focus on and enjoy the trip. The same applies to being on deadline.

Although it may seem obvious, do not go into debt to go on holiday. Having this extra financial burden will not only stress you out unnecessarily, but will limit how you spend your holiday and what you can do. If you need to take a holiday, but you can’t afford what you want to do, consider a closer location, or finding a cheaper room and board. Plan your holiday around a budget and include accommodation costs, travel and account for food and spending. This way, you know how much your holiday will be, and therefore enjoy it without breaking the bank. 

Tip #5 Tell People Details of Your Holiday

Alerting people well in advance that you will be gone lets people know that you are away, and thus, you are less likely to be bothered. It is recommended that on all of your phones – cell, office, etc. – you change your voicemail to say that you’re away, explaining how you would wish to be contacted. The same goes for email accounts– you can turn on an OOO (out of office) message.

Doing this manages others’ expectations, and makes it so you won’t be shocking or frustrating people if you don’t pick up. This also helps you distance yourself from technology, as if you are less likely to be contacted, you wont need to be checking your phone so much or stressing unnecessarily. 

Tip #6 Be Transparent

A good way to prepare for a trip is by clearly laying out your intentions and how you will spend your holiday to all those who will be affected. Telling those at work who will pick up your slack what you are doing, your own ways of working, and ultimately, thanking them – perhaps by giving them a gift upon your return – goes a long way.

Also, make sure you know your boss’ intentions. If they want you to work while gone, find time to do so; but if they simply tell you to enjoy your time off, don’t feel guilt watching the sunset on the beach and making the most of your holiday while you are gone.

Avoca Palms Beach

Tip #7 Make the Most of Your Beach Holiday

Guests at beach resorts have come up with a number of strategies to make a vacation more fun and stress-free.

Our Avoca Palms Resort is located on  – you guessed it – the beach! This is the most specific point of our  7 Tips to Enjoy Your Holiday, but one we feel most passionate about. Many of our guests stay at our resort and luxury accommodations in order to have a holiday that is close to the beach and to soak up all Avoca has to offer. Therefore, we have some specific beach holiday tips! 

Don’t want to get sand everywhere? It can be annoying when the kids drag sand all through your accommodation. You might want to pack some baby powder! Sprinkle some on your feet and watch it all shake off!  Antibacterial wipes can be useful for disinfecting cuts and scrapes from rocks, shells, etc. It is usually not practical to find – or carry – soap and fresh water everywhere. A beach tent or umbrella can be inexpensive and really helpful if you are going to be spending all day at the beach. They will stop you getting sunburn and help you to distinguish where your things are on the sand.

Now You Can Enjoy Your Holiday!

Going on holiday should be a fun and enriching experience, as life is all about those memories and enjoyable moments. Technology, work and the pressures of modern life have somewhat hampered the ability to focus on the enjoyment and relaxation that holidays are all about. Regardless of where you are going, take heed of our advice and live your best life! Just follow 7 Tips to Enjoy Your Holiday, and you are well on your way to relaxation town.  

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