Cycling on the Central Coast is a beautiful and picturesque region in Australia to be going for a ride. Present in the peri-urban state of New South Wales and under the jurisdiction of Australia, the region never fails to draw local and international tourists.

The impeccable and indigenous animal life on the Central Coast makes it worth visiting.

The drawing allure is further compounded by the Northern Lake Macquarie and the majestic Tasman Sea in the South. Since the coast is too natural to ignore and too urban to fear losing touch with the world, it would be unreasonable not to grab any chance to visit there.

This guide is for biking enthusiasts of the world fortunate enough to get the chance to visit and smart enough to take it. Herein, you will be able to identify all the popular bike tracks in the region and a description of how they are. Cycling on the Central Coast is a must if you are an outdoor activity enthusiast.

The article will classify them in suitability for differently able individuals; identifying three levels of difficulty and hazard posed to bikers. That way, you can determine which activities best suit the company you tag along with to the third largest urban area of New South Wales, Australia.

It is critical to note, to begin with, that the region of Central Coast has a humid subtropical climate. The summers there are warm and humid while the winters are mild at worst. Rainfall is evenly spread throughout the year though the highest rain recordings are always made during autumn. Therefore, bikers should note that bike rides are sometimes marred with the humid and rainy atmospheres of the tropical climate.

Easy Rides

Family Fun

The ride route is entirely planned out on an off-road surface. It covers a distance of seven and a half kilometres. It is highly recommended for family riding and offers plenty of bond-stimulating moments.

In fact, most of the obstacles to be experienced on the way are often described as team-building opportunities. Along the way, you and your family will be sure to come across elegant hotels, restaurants, and diners. The facility provides a BMX track which is designed for teaching youngsters and adult beginners as well safe cycling habits.

Plus, to get to the route and access the Ettalong Foreshore, bikers have to catch a ferry. You know how stimulating that can be.

Garden Ride

This is truly one of the most picturesque biking routes that a person can ever take anywhere in the world. The off-road shared pathway meanders for only 14 kilometres. Nonetheless, the short distance is sure to provide the most captivating natural scenarios you might ever come across. Along the way, you will come across a Lions’ Park, the water’s edge of Brisbane Water and the Edogawa Japanese Gardens. The word efficient enough to describe the garden can only be idyllic. It sets families in an ideal mood for art just before they get to the Gosford Regional Art Gallery.

 Tuggerah Lake ride

This pathway is shared predominantly. Though it may not be as exclusive for your experience as you would possibly want, the allure of sharing it is overwhelming. It is designed as a one-way ride; it does not circuit to the original start point. At the end of the ride, bikers decide whether to cycle back or take a provided vehicle ride. The one-way path is 14 kilometres and offers a tempting 14 kilometres return journey. Those who do say it could be one of the most therapeutic and fulfilling physical endeavours they have ever undertaken. The cycle path meanders from the Tuggerah Train Station, through the Tuggerah Lake and offers numerous breathtaking picture moments that could potentially take all your time if a selfie-loving fanatic is amongst your riding company.

Toddlers Trail- Sensory Park

This cycle path is predominantly paved and only stretches for one and a half kilometres. It wasn’t designed for adults. However, the learning experiences it provides for toddlers cannot be paralleled by anything else in the world. The ride features vast tree-lined foreshores and peeps at the Narara Creek. Plenty of ducks in the Sensory Park stimulates excitement and curiosity in toddlers, profoundly drawing them to nature and their inner human nature. Along the way, you will be sure to find a car park and toilets for convenience.

Point to Pelicans

At some point, the bike ride along this designated path will go on the road. Helmets have to be on all the time since you will also share sections of the path with bikers from other riding companies. The route stretches for 13.5 kilometres. It takes you around the Brisbane Water Cycleway, allowing you a beautiful sight of pelicans. It begins at the stunning and breathtaking Point Frederick’s Pioneer Park and in the end, presents you with a choice between a train ride or a ferry ride.

Medium Rides

Fat Tyre Fun Ride

For this ride, you can’t use a BMX bike. Only mountain bikes can make it through the difficulty of the terrain. Cycling on the Central Coast has some difficult rides. This ride is also an on the road, and off road path hence helmets are a mandatory requirement. The ride stretches for 42.5 kilometres and provides ample tests for bikers. The ride is designed to challenge you but not break your spirit. It meanders inside the Ourimbah state forest and edges out into other parts of the subtropical region about the Wyong Train Station.

 Putt Putt to Putty

To get to this cycle path, you have to enjoy a ferry ride to Mulhull St Wharf, Wagstaffe first. The ride is enjoyable, but you are always advised to be careful. It’s a steep descent that is equally thrilling and hazardous. It is no place for rookies and kids to ride. To reward yourself, pass by the Honey Place and experience natural sweetness before heading to Ettalong Beach. The beach will serve as an idyllic spot to rest and relish the victory over a challenge conquered.

The ride is truly thrilling as bikers are provided with chances to camp, hike and adventure in the heathlands within Bouddi National Park. The beach destination has wonderful company of fun loving tourists, all sociable. The beach also features movie places, kayaks for hire, restaurants and shopping stores.

Tour De Brisbane Water

This ride is entirely on the road for the 41 kilometres it covers. It is specifically meant for tourist keen on scouting the Central Coast for its facilities rather than the natural escapades it provides.

It begins at Gosford train station and meanders back to the same place. Along the way, you are sure to come across townships such as East Gosford, Empire Bay Dr and Kincumber. The road also passes several local B&Bs, bars and a local Art Gallery.

However, you should exercise extreme caution when riding along the Avoca Drive. It is a narrow drive and has no protective shoulder to shield cyclists and pedestrians. Also, the shared path at Gosford Lions Park is characterised with many pedestrians.

You will also come across the Rip Bridge. The name is symbolic of what happens to road users who aren’t cautious enough when using it.

Hard Rides

These rides are the most hazardous to take and most strenuous to complete. They should be considered ideal paths meant to challenge the most extreme athletes in the world. Make sure you have as much insurance as you can get and be at the height of your fitness to even consider taking these rides. However, at a request, the risks can be mitigated for you. You may be assigned experienced personnel to assist you to traverse the treacherous milestones the rides may present. Cycling on the Central Coast is not complete without some of these harder rides to get the adrenalin pumping!

You should never give up on paths that lead to your self-fulfilment. Some of these rides include

Harvest Ride

The harvest ride is not one for the faint hearted. Just to get you started, you should know it is entirely on road and stretches for 75 kilometres. One enjoys hose riding and viewing of wildlife sanctuaries as one of the rewards for trying. Caution should be taken when going down the Kariong hill though.

 Velo Warriors Ride

This ride is also on road and stretches for 75 kilometres. It starts at the Brooklyn Station about the Hawkesbury River. However, you have to take extreme care about narrow stretches of the road where traffic moves fast.