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The New South Wales Central Coast is a great place to take the kids on holiday. With Avoca Palms Resort being the perfect family friendly resort to stay at. This area running from the North of Sydney to the south of Lake Macquarie is packed with family-friendly activities. Plenty of free activities and some that cost. Regardless of how you choose to spend your time and what activities you choose to do, there is something for everyone.

Kayak at Aqua Fun

A wide variety of kayaks are available at Aqua Fun located at the Avoca Lagoon inside Heazlett Park in Avoca Beach making it a great central coast family activity. Each member of the family can ride in their own kayak or choose to ride in the kayaks built for two. Alternatively, consider renting the paddleboats to explore the lagoon. Consider experience the thrill of a new sport by trying the stand-up paddleboards. While boats can be rented for your own enjoyment, make sure to consider joining one of the eco-tours led by an environmental educator. Rent the boats for $40 per hour per person with each additional 30 minutes being only $10. Alternatively, rent the giant sup boats (up to 10 Adults) for $90 per hour with 1.5 hours being $140.

Find Your Way Through the Maze at Amazement

Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a visit to Amazement near Wyong Creek. See who can make it through the several mazes the fastest. Let your children enjoy the pony rides before petting the many farm animals. Amazement is a Central Coast family activity that everyone will enjoy. People of all ages will enjoy the cart ride pulled by a team of horses.

After a full day of fun, the family can sit down and enjoy a slice of pizza or a scone.

Admission is $12 per person with some special activities having an additional fee.

Swing from the Trees at TreeTops

See the wildlife living in the gum trees from a new vantage point at TreeTops located new Wyong Creek. Special children’s courses and adult courses makes this a great Central Coast family activity. Work your way across the suspension bridges. Reach heights up to 30 meters off the ground. For those after a little more action, the unique rollercoaster ziplines lets you experience more thrills. Complete over 100 challenges as you move from one tree to the next. Each participant receives 30 minutes of training from the experienced staff to ensure that everyone stays safe as they swing from the trees and zip along the ropes. Those under 10 can enjoy this park for $28.00 while those between 10 and 17 enjoy their own special area for just $38. The cost for adults is $48.

Make it a family affair, or a group of more than 10 and you can enjoy a 5% discount.

Handle the Reptiles at Australian Reptile Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

Let your children see and handle a variety of reptiles at the Australian Reptile Park located at Somersby. Among all the interesting endevours being undertaken by the Australian Reptile park and wildlifes santuary is their focus save the Tasmanian devil from the Devil Facial Tumour Disease. View the snakes, lizards and tortoises at this park operated by television star Tim Faulkner. Watch Elvis the Crocodile perform in his own special show. The spider milking show is another experience you will not want to miss. This park is also home to numerous birds including the king parrot, laughing kookaburra and rainbow lorikeet. Hand feeding kangaroos is an experience your children will never forget.

Enjoy all these experiences and more for $39 for adults and $21 for children. Families can get the family day pass admitting two adults and two children for $105.

Feed the Pelicans at The Entrance

One of the area’s most popular things to do is feeding the pelicans at The Entrance, New South Wales. The feeding of the pelicans started over 20 years ago by accident when a local fish and chip shop started discarding their scraps each day. Now, the pelican feeding serves an important purpose as birds are examined daily for medical reasons. The best place to experience this event occurring at 3:30 PM daily is at the Pelican Pavilion. Listen carefully to the speakers who are very informative about pelicans and other marine life in the area.

This daily activity is available without cost thanks to the support of local merchants.

Take in a Show at the Laycock Street Theatre

Community actors put on fun shows for children at the Laycock Street Theatre in Gosford multiple times a year. Many of the performances are based on children’s books your child already adores. Alternatively, take your child to see a ballet performance at this theatre. Older children will love the variety of musical performances held at this venue. This 396 seat raked auditorium is the perfect place to introduce theatre to your family. Ticket prices vary by show with many kid’s shows starting at $18 for those under 12 and $25 for adults. Enjoy special discounts by becoming a member.

Spend the Day at Wallarah National Park

Kingfish and snapper are easily caught in the water just off Pinny Beach inside Wallarah National Park . The best time to fish these waters is during the warmer months. When you tire of trying to catch a big fish, then explore the Coastal Walking Trail. This 5 kilometre offers great views of the coast. It is a favourite spot to catch glimpses of whales during the winter months. Pinny Beach is also a favourite spot for surfing. There are several trails within the park that are popular for mountain cycling. Just $11 allows families to pile everyone in one car to visit this well maintained national park.

With so many wonderful family activities to do along the Central Coast, you will want to stay as long as possible. Make plans to get started now.