This year the Central Coast in Australia is holding one of the biggest food and drink festivals around the world. The party includes food demonstrations from some of Australia’s finest chefs, tasty plates from local restaurants, handcrafted wines and beers, and live music.

Some of the chef attendees include Steve Hodges, Tony Bilson, Billy Law, and Julie Goodwin. Local restaurants participating are The Hungry Traveller, Jasmine Greens, Fish Tales, Like Minds, Coast 175, Thaiger Temple, Bombini, Pachamamas, and the Green Tangerine. The food and wine festival will host the local brew Six String along with drinks from Scarborough Wine Company and Wollombi Wines. Entertainment is being provided by the Rhytym Hut with hand-crafted Taiko drums headlining the show.

This year the Woy Woy Fisherman’s Wharf turns 40, and the owner Sam Clayton, local chef Paul MacDonald (Pauly Mac), and new arrival Tim Stock are throwing a huge party to celebrate. The three invite everyone to the Cast Off! Central Coast Food and Wine Festival for the biggest bash of the year.

Sustainability is the focus for this year’s food and wine festival meaning that local products will be used to showcase the ability of local chef’s to create mouthwatering dishes. This festival is sure to be the first of many annual events with booths for cooking demonstrations by popular chefs, five dollar plates, and plenty of fun entertainment and live music.


Woy Woy Fisherman’s Wharf
The Boulevarde Woy Woy
NSW 2256, Australia
61 2 4341 1171
Saturday March 28, 2015
12pm until 8pm

Chef showcase Julie Goodwin

Julie Goodwin became famous after winning the popular television show Master Chef in 2009. Julie plans to use local in-season ingredients like zucchini’s, beetroot, sweet corn, green beans, and plenty of fresh herbs in her demonstrations. Julie is out filming for the “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here” show, but she will be serving fresh dishes at the Central Coast Food and Wine Festival in March. She is famous for showing families how to spend 20 dollars and 20 minutes of their time to cook a delicious, healthy meal.

Restaurant showcase Bombini

Bombini is a modern Italian style restaurant that focuses on using local ingredients to make seasonal dishes. The chef’s use only grass fed meat, fresh-caught seafood, Italian pastas, regional cheeses, and local produce to offer diners a delectable meal that cannot be found anywhere else. Dinners are often paired with local wines for a taste that titillates the senses.

Bombini even has a produce garden to grow local favorites like shallots, potatoes, and tomatoes. The Bombini Bar offers French and Australian wines in combination with classic European cocktails. Food offerings like Balsamic onions and Italian olives and roasted tomatoes with Buffalo mozzarella cheese are popular additions to drink orders.

Wine showcase Scarborough Wine Company

Scarborough Wine Company began in the 80’s after Ian Scarborough, and his wife Merralea decided to start their own winery. They became famous with their Yellow Label Chardonnay. The brand is still popular in restaurants across Australia today. The company has since grown and became known for their Pinot Noir, Semillion, and Verdelho wines.

Music showcase the Rhythm Hut

The Rhythm Hut was created by Rendra Freestone out of the need for a solitary place to teach her students how to play the drums. Students currently make unique Taiko drums, and the Rhythm Hut has become the place to experience all types of music. Guests and musicians have participated in charitable events for the homeless, dance recitals, live performances, and even political conversations. Musicians gather to congregate, create music, and enjoy the company of other music lovers.

Woy Woy Fisherman’s Wharf showcase

The Woy Woy Fisherman’s Wharf has won several awards for their fresh seafood dishes, market offerings, and wine. The area has a park, a bar, a restaurant, and a seafood market that offers fresh caught fish, squid, mussels, and more. One of the unique things about the wharf is that every day at 3 pm the workers feeds the scraps from the local catch to the Pelicans. This brings awareness to Bird Rescue programs and environmentally-friendly living.

The Central Coast Food and Wine Festival offers guests the chance to see Australia in the most natural light. Unique dishes, custom flavor blends, refreshing local wines, and homegrown entertainment are sure to delight everyone in attendance. Visitors can peruse the seafood market, catch a cooking demonstration, buy local produce, sample delicate wines and brews, or stop and listen to the live music for a bit. No matter what, the day is sure to be a huge success and the beginning of a yearly tradition along the Central Coast. Come and join Cast Off! on March 28th starting at noon.