Looking for a quiet place to relax and have a quick bite? Then the Bamboo Buddha should definitely be your next stop. Affectionately known as a café oasis, the Bamboo Buddha is a quiet paradise amidst the busy and exciting Central Coast life.

Operating as a boutique nursery, the Bamboo Buddha never fails to amaze first time visitors and continues to impress returning patrons. Step inside the Bamboo Buddha and you will be treated to a relaxing time like no other.

Relaxing Location

A short drive from Avoca Beach, the Bamboo Buddha is as easily accessible as it is peaceful. No need to rush when you’re headed to this calming and reinvigorating place. In fact, even driving back to your apartment in Avoca Beach won’t be much of a hassle when you decide to spend a relaxing day at the best Zen-inspired restaurant the Central Coast has to offer.

Expansive Gardens

The Bamboo Buddha boasts of a beautiful garden and bamboo nursery where they sell beautiful Black Bamboo, Buddha Belly Bamboo, Tiger Grass, Screening Bamboo and many more. Aside from the bamboo, the Bamboo Buddha also sells native plants in their famous nursery. But even if you aren’t here to buy their bamboo, you can still enjoy the garden and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Fantastic Vegetarian Food

Of course, no visit to the Bamboo Buddha is complete without trying out their fabulous vegetarian food. Enjoy a healthy time for both your mind and body by spending some quiet time at the Vegetarian Café. You can try out their desserts if you want. But if you really want to treat yourself and discover just what the reviews and the other visitors are talking about, then you should try out their mains. In fact, even if you aren’t a fan of vegetarian food, you should still give this place a visit.

Tranquility Redefined

If you want a little vacation from your busy mind and life, then the Bamboo Buddha can help you release the tension and stress that have been building up inside you through a number of holistic activities such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga and Buddhist Talks. Classes are run in the gallery and you are very much invited to join the classes and enjoy a magical and relaxing experience.

Other Offerings

The Bamboo Buddha is very pet friendly, so if you want to bring little Buster along then you are encouraged to do so. Buster may even meet some of the other pets who are visiting along with their owners. You can even book a Psychic Tarot Reading session if you want to take a peek into your future. Let Sandy Moonbeam show you what’s in store for you in your lovelife, job and personal life. You can even bring home your very own Bamboo Buddha T-shirt, both from the shop and online. This way, you can take home more than just memories of a beautiful experience and delicious vegetarian food.

Even if vegetarian food isn’t your thing, spending time at the Bamboo Buddha and relaxing yourself to your heart’s content is reason enough to put the Bamboo Buddha on the special part of your must-visit list.