This August, the Central Coast air will once more carry the beautiful tunes of world class classical music with the 2013 Crossroads Festival. If you happen to love classical music, then you’re going to love this world-class event that’s happening right here in Central Coast. Just imagine being on vacation and having the chance to listen to great talents from all over the world as well as national and local artists.

It’s definitely one crossroads that you will want to experience.

What does the Crossroads Festival Do?

For more than five years the Crossroads Festival has been connecting classical music-loving people. This year, August will once more become the month when the Festival not only fills the air with beautiful music, but will fill the hearts and minds of everyone who will be attending.

  • Unites artists with other artists

    The Crossroads Festival organisers have seen to it that the Festival is one of the best events in Central Coast where local artists from the area and the rest of Australia get to meet other classical musicians from all over the world. Just as last year, the Crossroads Festival invited the very talented Paul Silverthorne from the United Kingdom, this year more talented musicians will be able to join other local talents during the event.

  • Unites artists with music lovers
    Even if you aren’t a fan of any of the musicians performing at the Crossroads Festival, there’s still one great reason why you should come by for a visit: you might meet someone that you will like. With many talented musicians being invited from different places, there’s a very good chance that you will be introduced to a musician or musicians that you will like. Uniting classical music appreciators with classical musicians is another way that the Crossroads Festival connects people.

More Classical Music

Also, aside from the Festival proper, there are also Pre-Festival activities planned for the event such as recitals and performances from other classical musicians of all ages and skills. See what the future holds as well as enjoy the beautiful music that you will be able to listen to during these pre-festival activities.

The Crossroads Festival will surely satisfy your hunger for beautiful classical music, but it may also instill another level of hunger for this kind of music when you attend the Festival. However you personally appreciate music, the Festival is the best place and opportunity for you to listen and appreciate classical music.

Whether you’re coming alone to internalise the beauty of classical music, or are bringing your loved one with you to accompany you in experiencing such wonderful music being played by talented artists and musicians, the Crossroads Festival is an opportunity that you will not want to miss.