With over 12,000 hectares of rugged sandstone country, the Brisbane Water National Park provides some great outdoor walks that are great for you and the family. Choose from a number of different walks and paths and experience the wildlife or test your endurance as you take in the beauty of the Brisbane Water National Park. Here are some of the trails and paths that you can explore.

Bulgandry Engravings

Is a short walk along a footpath that will bring you to a large rock platform where you will be able to see a couple of well preserved Aboriginal engravings. This is an easy walk and anyone will be able to enjoy this, even little children. Also, those who are in wheelchairs will be able to move about this area with no difficulty at all.

Eastern Girrakool Loop

This walk is all about the eastern branch of the Girrakool Loop track. Then you head on to Broula Lookout (with an optional side trip to Piles Creek and another optional side trip the Illoura Lookout). This walk ends at the Girrakool picnic area.

Girrakool Aboriginal Engravings track

From the picnic area, this walk continues on to the Aboriginal Engravings site, and then from the picnic area, you can continue on to the signposted site, that features the fading engraving of a man and a kangaroo. Once you’re done, you can head on back to the picnic area. This is a walk that is great if you’re bringing along children as the whole family can decide to finish their walk at the picnic area, enjoy some great food together before heading on back to the parking area.

Girrakool to Patonga

Exploring the main ridge of Brisbane Water National Park, this walk starts at the picnic area, heads over Scopas Peak, and then further south to Mt Wondabyne. The track will approach the southern edge of Brisbane Waters National Park, where the path will offer more views.

Girrakool to Wondabyne Station via Pindar Caves

Starting from the Girrakool Picnic Area, this one-way walk follows Piles Creek down into Brisbane Water National Park. The walk then crosses Scopas Peak will continue on to the Pindar Caves. You will pass the Pindar Lookout and Pindar Pool along your way. Once you’re at the caves, you will backtrack a short distance, and then finish towards Wondabyne

Train Station.

Obviously there are many path and variations of these walks that you can choose from. This is one of the main reasons why the Brisbane Water National Park remains a famous place for hikers and nature lovers to visit. In fact, because of the beauty and the amazing sights that the Park offers, many families also visit and even have their picnic in the area.