The Central Coast wouldn’t be the Central Coast without the Central Coast beaches and Central Coast towns. That’s why to enjoy your Central Coast visit, you need to get a feel for what to expect from the Central Coast towns and beaches. It’s a great way to find out which of the towns and beaches you will visit. But, for the explorative visitor, you will be welcomed by a different lifestyle and feeling in each of the Central Coast towns.

Avoca Beach

The most picture perfect of the Central Coast beaches, Avoca Beach is the place to be if you want to sit and dine at a la carte establishments and alfresco cafes while watching the waves and the sand. There are a lot of accommodation choices in Avoca Beach – accommodation that can cater to the more discerning traveler and to the traveling family. So if you want to experience the beauty and luxury of Central Coast, make Avoca Beach your first stop.

Copacabana, Macmasters Beach & Killcare

Looking for a quiet and laid back vacation, then this is the place for you. Copacabana, Macmasters Beach & Killcare are peaceful and quiet communities that open their doors to quiet travelers as well. There are many activities here for the more sophisticated and laid back traveler such as fine dining at Bells at Killcare by Stefano Manfredi, a yacht ride with Hardy’s Bay Yacht Charters, and shopping at the Killcare Village shops.


If you can’t get the mall out of your system even when you’re in the proximity of beautiful Central Coast beaches, worry not your mall-withdrawals-suffering heart any more. You see in Central Coast there is what is called Erina Fair or what is practically the largest single-storey mall and shopping centre in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere. This is the leisure and entertainment Mecca of mall rats and shoppers who are having their vacation on the Central Coast.

There is a total of 300 stores that will keep even the most professional shopaholic busy for hours. There’s entertainment for the whole family down at The Hive. You can also watch a movie at any of the eight screen cinemas in Erina Fair. You can also drop by the ice skating rink or enjoy great food at any of the restaurants. The choice is yours!


Terrigal is simply the pride of Central Coast. It is very alive and vibrant, and is one of the best places to visit when you’re looking to enjoy the sights and sounds of Central Coast when packed into one neat package. It is a cosmopolitan village that has five star apartments and luxurious bread and breakfast hotels, beachside cafes, wine cellars and a lot more. Of course, Terrigal also has one of the best and most interesting Central Coast beaches – after all you shouldn’t expect anything less from one of the best Central Coast towns.