It’s a great month for film lovers this September as the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre, which is known for its great film showings and events, puts together another month of fantastic films. So if you happen to be in Central Coast this September, you’re in luck. Just check out this month’s offering.

Kath & Kimderella

Starting this September 6, Avoca Beach Picture Theatre guests and regulars will be treated to a modern fairytale of sorts as Kath and Kimderella, two of Fountain Lake’s foxiest ladies, figure in a ritzy fairytale of love, lust and revolution. Watch and join the mayhem as these two try and survive their crazy overseas trip – oh, and you might want to enjoy the ride while your at it.

Phillip Johnson’s Georges Melies Project

Ever wondered what would happen when you put a great composer and musician, a couple of silent films directed by a great French director and a talented quartet of musicians inside a room? You get something like the Phillip Johnson’s Georges Melies Project. Watch and listen (and be amazed) as Philip Johnson and The Australian Transparent Quartet play great music to the silent films of French director George Melies (1861-1938). Showing on September 7 at 7:30 in the evening, the Project is simply one of the most imaginative shows of Avoca Beach Picture Theatre.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Starting from September 13, Beasts of the Southern Wild was tagged as one of the most striking narratives to grace the Sundance Festival in years. Wrapping drama, fantasy, and heroism in a small and young package, Beasts of the Southern Wild will definitely entertain moviegoers, young and old alike. If you want to watch something different this time around, buy some tickets to this showing.

Safety Not Guaranteed

Starting from the title to how the story ends, Safety Not Guaranteed will surprise even the most stoic of moviegoers. A comedy rather than the suspense or thriller that you might think it is judging by the title, the story is about a likeable but paranoid supermarket clerk, who is making preparations to travel in time, thus the unusual classified ad. Like the three magazine employees who see the ads and join in on the adventure, you’ll also have a good and heartfelt time.


Already the title tells a lot about what this Avoca Beach Picture Theatre offering is about. Bollywood by the Beach will wow you with a three-hour-long extravaganza that will showcase six dancers, a 9-man orchestra, and the star of the evening Sumeet. Whether you’re a Bollywood fan or someone who simply wants to enjoy something different, then this night is for you. Curtains open at 7 o’clock in the evening of September 24.

Jan Preston’s Boogie Woogie Band

On September 28 at 7 o’clock in the evening, prepare to Boogie Woggie with Jan Preston’s Boogie Woogie Band. As if they weren’t enough to have a great night, the Cotton Club is also there to warm things up before the main event.