When swimming on Avoca Beach – or any where else for that matter – safety should be you and your family’s first priority. To help you get the most out of your Avoca Beach experience, it’s best that you familiarise yourself with a few safety tips.

1. Only swim between the flags

If you’ve seen a couple of red and yellow flags waving on the beach, those aren’t there merely for show. The flags indicate the places in Avoca Beach that are the safest places to swim. These flags indicate that lifeguards are currently patrolling that part of Avoca Beach.

2. Don’t swim immediately after a meal

Your mother was right, don’t swim after eating, especially if you have eaten a larger meal. If you do so, you can get cramps. Take some time to relax before going back into the water. Remember that there are other things that you can do while waiting. You can go for a short walk, build sand castles, collect some seashells. Do something to preoccupy yourself before you go back and swim.

3. Slip, slip & slap

The sun can be dangerous too, if you get too much of it. To protect your skin, apply a SPF 15+ sunscreen, and wear a shirt and a hat. When you go and swim, reapply your sunscreen after you swimming. Keep in mind that your skin needs care and protection as well.

4. When in danger, don’t panic

If you find yourself in trouble, don’t panic. Stay calm. Signal for help. Do this by holding up one arm and waving. Float as you wait for help to arrive. Panicking doesn’t help you. When you stay calm, you give yourself time to think and react.

5. Obey the rules

There are signs and rules posted at different parts of the beach. Remember to read them and obey them. By obeying the rules placed there, you will be able to keep safe and have fun in the beach.

6. Keep eye out for rips

A rip can be spotted by sand-coloured or rippled water running out to sea despite the water on either side being relatively cleaner and calmer. You can also spot rips because the waves on both sides of the rip, are larger and break further out to sea. When you spot a rip, stay away from it.

7. Don’t be a litterbug

Keeping safe also means keeping clean. Do not leave your trash behind. Bring them with you when you leave the beach and dispose of them there. Help preserve the beach environment and beauty by doing your part.

Obeying rules and keeping safe, doesn’t mean you won’t have any fun. On the contrary, rules were placed so that you can have a better time enjoying the beauty of Avoca Beach.