Just a short drive away from Avoca Beach, the Australian Reptile Park is always a great place to have fun and experience some new things with the whole family. As one of the most popular attractions on the Central Coast,  you and the family will have hours of fun and learning at the Australian Reptile Park.

Hands-on Interaction

Sure, it’s nice to look at all the different animals at the Australian Reptile Park, but nothing beats the feeling of being able to touch or hold one. Well, that’s the reason why this park is very famous, because here you can be hands-on with the cute little critters!

Behind the Scenes

Want to find out what happens and what every body else does behind the scenes at the Australian Reptile Park? There’s a VIP Behind the Scenes Tour that can take you on a 90-minute, escorted tour. Get to go to the park’s restricted areas (accompanied by a zoo keeper, of course) and get a better understanding of what happens in the Australian Reptile Park.

Animals on the Loose

If you or your event can’t come to the zoo, well the Australian Reptile Park can come to you. The zoo keepers can bring their cute and cuddly friends as well as their hair-raising pals to your event anywhere in New South Wales. They can promise that your event will become an awesome one with these little reptiles knocking on your door.

Team Building

Experience a different kind of team building at the Australian Reptile Park. Not only is the Australian Reptile Park a great location for any team building, it is also the best place to score points doing some very weird, weird things. Do you think you can retrieve the most coins from a jar full of roaches? Can you match the poo from their sources? How long can you hold a Burmese python? With Australian Reptile Park Boot Camp masters assisting and escorting you, your team building experience will definitely be one of a kind.

Adopt an Animal

Loved your visit to the Australian Reptile Park? Why not adopt one of them crazy critters. With Australian Reptile Park’s Adopt a Crazy Critter program, Individuals, families, clubs, groups, schools and more can adopt and sponsor their favourite animal. By doing so, you will be helping cover the overhead expenses of caring for that animal.

Kids 2 Keepers

To give children a feel of what it means to be a zoo keeper, they can become a zoo keeper for a whole day. The Kids 2 Keepers program will be a very hands-on experience for any teenager (13 to 18 years old), where they can learn proper handling, hygiene, standard operating procedures and many more. All of these activities and chores will be packed in one very full day.