Good local art is never far from Central Coast, and if you happen to be in the area, now’s a good time to check out the nearby art galleries. There are great galleries showcasing local central coast art work from many artists. Whatever your taste you will surely enjoy checking out these galleries and perhaps take on or a couple of central coast art pieces home with you.

Sanaa Afrika

Sanaa Afrika promotes and showcases contemporary African art here in Australia. Started in 2005 by Carina Bekkers and Samuel Mwakasendo, Sanaa Afrika has since opened another art gallery Central Coast can be proud of in Terrigal. This gallery of African-inspired Central Coast art includes paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. Emerging and established artists have also contributed contemporary versions of traditional African art forms. You’ll be able to see beautiful basket weaving, pottery and masks. Whatever type of art you might like, you’re probably going to find some good Central Coast art here that you will like.

Gosford Regional Gallery

One of the most popular attractions when it comes to Central Coast art, Gosford Regional Gallery promises not only great works of art but relaxing activities as well. After all, it’s an art gallery Central Coast can truly be proud of. It’s a complex with three art exhibition spaces, a café, a gallery shop and a traditional Japanese-style garden called the Gosford-Edogawa Commemorative Garden. When you’re done checking out the artworks you can also enjoy a guided tour of the garden and get to know more about a Japanese garden. You can also take a guided tour of the exhibitions. Gosford Regional Gallery offers a place where you can enjoy art, nature and tradition.

The Toukley & Districts Art Society

Long established as a popular art gallery Central Coast can be proud of The Toukley & Districts Art Society, provides a venue for art appreciators and enthusiasts alike to enjoy and make art. Visit the gallery and be amazed at the different works of art there by local artists. Feast your eyes on beautiful water colour, acrylic, oil and pastel paintings. There are also craftworks, hand-painted porcelain and silk, as well as hand-painted cards for different occasions. If you want, you can even join the scheduled workshops and brush up on your skills.

TTwo Peaks Gallery

TTwo Peaks Gallery is another art gallery Central Coast is proud of. Mixing different media together, the artists that are showcased in TTwo Peaks Gallery convey many of life’s different emotional elements. Taking in the myriad elements of life, emotion, spirituality and the artists have made very unique mixed media artwork. While enjoying the beautiful pieces of art, you can also enjoy High Tea which you can enjoy while relaxing in the balcony.