Toukley is going to find itself the centre of attention as it holds twoo major events this July, in addition to the regular Toukley Markets. Fun and sun will definitely be in abundance in this unspoiled coastal location. So don’t forget to come visit Toukley this coming July as Toukley markets the two great events.

Where’s Toukley

Located just an hour’s drive north of Sydney and about 40 minutes’ drive from Avoca Beach, Toukley is as accessible as it is beautiful. Experience a quiet and unspoiled coastal area that will definitely make your visit and vacation memorable. What’s more, the booming tourist destination is famous for more reasons than just the Toukley markets and the relaxing, laid back atmosphere of the place. The Greater Toukley area starts from the Norah Head Lighthouse to Toukley Bridge.

Whale Dreamers Festival

Starting off the month of July on the 1st, which is a Sunday, is the Whale Dreamers Festival. The Whale Dreamers Festival, which runs from 10am to 2pm, collects all whale lovers and nature lovers, as well as others who would like to help care for the whales. The Festival aims to raise awareness about the whales and their current plight.

Created by a group of local whale lovers, the Festival showcases free entertainment and activities that the whole family can enjoy. Not only are you having fun, you’ll also be helping out in the environment. And you can bring the family as well.

Food, Fun and Music Festival

This July Toukley is the venue for a festival that brings together three great things: food, music and fun. With all of these in abundance, many visitors and guests are very much looking forward to the Annual Food, Fun and Music Festival.
Held on the first Saturday of the month (July 7) at the Village Green in Toukley, the Food, Fun and Music Festival will feature a great range of Toukley markets stalls. Listen to music, taste wine, eat and share fantastic food, and take home many beautiful craft items, and much more. You’ll surely have a great time at the annual Food, Fun and Music Festival.

In fact, everybody will have a lot of fun as July rolls in. Bring the whole family and all of your friends. See what Toukley has in store for everyone this July. Whether you’re a nature lover, a music lover, a food lover, or just a fun lover, there’s something here for you.

Toukley Markets

Held every Sunday the Toukley Markets is another thing that you can look forward to. With over 70 stores selling different items, from gift ideas to home wares, there’s definitely something here that’s worth taking home with you. And if you want to visit the markets and meet some great and fun people, well you can do that as well.