With anticipation on the upcoming 5 Lands Walk building to a fever pitch on different lands in Central Coast, Avoca Beach has come up with its very own event to wow and attract the many locals, visitors and guests that are going to come for a visit. And t what better way to get everyone’s attention thano give them a taste of Avoca Beach with a Music & Food Festival aptly named A Taste of Avoca Music and Food Festival on Sunday, June 23.

Food and Music Galore

Great food and fantastic music await visitors to Avoca Beach. With the success of the previous A Taste of Avoca Music and Food Festival last year, gearing up another one this year seemed inevitable. After all, with all the food the different Avoca Beach establishments are offering on that exciting Saturday, who can resist having a taste of Avoca?

All the restaurants and cafes in Avoca Beach will be dishing out their best food, which means if you love food you are definitely going to have a swell time just meandering through the village listening to the great music and partaking of all the wonderful food. It’s a treat that obviously gives you a way to have a taste Avoca in all the different ways possible. So prepare yourself for a treat to the tummy and to the ears.

Great Artists Take The Stage

To wow visitors and enthusiasts alike, a whole slew of great musicians, performers and artists were scheduled to play during the event. There’s the Jazz group The Red Hot Papas featuring Jiri the Bouncin’ Czech on cornet, Jon Conley on guitar and drums , and John Moffatt on sousaphone. They also have Random Acts of Song, Viva, The French Connection, The Rhythm Method , Tim Orgias and his InRhythm Drummers, singer-songwriter Andrew Browne, Earlwood Greg and the Howling WolfGang, and country legends Kim Cheshire and Michael King.

Even The Kids Will Have Fun

When it comes to having fun, the little kids won’t be left behind. The grownups aren’t the only ones who are going to have some fun in Avoca Beach on Saturday’s A Taste of Avoca Music and Food Festival. After all, last year, during the 2011 festival kids were treated to an entertaining story telling time by Emily Arkell at Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. Afterwards, Reptile Man wowed the little children with his animated tales of the wonderful little critters found at Hunters Park. Children were also able to enjoy pony rides, take turns at the inflatable slide, have a colorful experience with face painting and many more activities. This year, kids will have a more enjoyable time as the festival is taken up a notch.