On June 11, everyone will have a great opportunity to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday because of the public long weekend. During these dates, there can be no better best long weekend getaway than the one that you will experience when you head down to Avoca Beach. With tons of things to do, places to see and people to meet, you’ll definitely have one of the best long weekend getaways that you’ve experienced.

Visit the Beach

Sure it might be a little chippy on some days as it’s the Winter Season, but wait until it gets a bit warm and you can still enjoy the beautiful Avoca Beach. Go out for a bit of a walk, a little jog – if you’re looking to keep your exercise regimen going despite the vacation mood, or simply enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful view.

Do this every morning and it can definitely set you up and put you in the mood for a little more adventure. The beautiful beach is definitely one of the reason which makes coming here one of the best long weekend getaways that you’ll ever have.

Watch a Movie

Another one of the things that you can do, even during cold days, is visit the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. The family owned and run business is famous not only for its great films and memorable events, but for being such a comfortable place to visit. A lot of memories have been made here, new loves, ongoing ones have proposed marriage, weddings, and even renewed vows. Come over and make your own memories.

Visit the Art Gallery

There are great works of art being displayed on TTwo Peaks Gallery. This is a great place to visit to experience the art of Avoca Beach. TTwo Peaks Gallery offers a variety of mixed media art pieces that definitely speaks to the modern art enthusiasts. Come over and enjoy some tea while you browse some colorful works of art. You never know, one particular piece just might catch your attention. No reason why you can’t take a piece of Avoca Beach home with you.

Taste the Great Food

Great food is definitely great in Avoca Beach. There a couple of notable places to check out to experience the best that Avoca Beach has to offer, gastronomically speaking, of course. From simple barbecues to more lavish dishes, there’s definitely a place here that can satisfy your curiosity and hunger. Check out Glasshouse Bar & Restaurant, Allmalay, Rojo Rocket, Avoca Beach Pizza and Pasta Café – and there’s more.

Enjoying one of the best long weekend getaways is not simply a matter of doing one thing. You have to experience Avoca Beach to its fullest to enjoy your long weekend getaway. So put on your adventurous spirit and find out what more Avoca Beach has to offer.