Fine dining that combines Mediterranean cuisine and naturally grown vegetables is what you’ll encounter at Bells of Killcare. It will also probably be one of the best experiences that you will have in Central Coast. If you’re in the area, and would like to sample the best of the Central Coast restaurants then heading down to this classy restaurant run by the duo of chef Stefano Manfredi and Julie Manfredi Hughes, restaurateur.

Inspired Cuisine

With veteran chef Manfredi on the helm, Bells of Killcare has transformed from just being another one of the Central Coast restaurants to being the belle of the ball. This was made possible by chef Manfredi, who has 25 years of experience in the fine dining industry. Here you’ll be treated to Mediterranean-inspired food, which still retains a very local Australian quality. Whether you’re having breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a cappuccino in the afternoon, you’re going to very much benefit from the attention and careful planning that chef Manfredi puts in the place.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Bells of Killcare is the place to dine when you want a laid-back experience. With all of the trees and nature surrounding the restaurant, it’s really a great way to leave the city behind and just enjoy your quiet time while having one of the best foods that any of the Central Coast restaurants offer. The restaurant provides outdoor seating that gives you a good view of the garden where the chef has planted some of the produce that they use in the restaurant. It’s also very romantic, which means this is a great place to spend any of your important dates with your special someone. And after the meal or before, you can walk the trails in the nearby national parks.

Fantastic Location

Being just two hours away from Sydney and a short drive from Avoca Beach, Bells of Killcare is definitely located at a convenient and fantastic spot. Even if you weren’t going to stay in Avoca Beach, you could definitely travel the two hours to get here and it would still be worth all of the trouble. But who wouldn’t want to spend time in Avoca Beach. With that said, Bells of Killcare is an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Great Wine List

Wine is another great treat at this restaurant. This is the only one of the Central Coast restaurants where the chef takes time to personally choose or hand over the wine to diners. And there’s a very good listing of wine at Bells of Killcare, which is a good thing if you are very particular about pairing your food with the proper wine.

Bells of Killcare will put you back a couple of dollars, but if you’re willing to pay a little bit for elegance and quality then this is definitely the place for you. At Bells of Killcare you’re going to have a very memorable dining experience every time you come to Avoca Beach for a visit.