Central Coast Holidays are a time to enjoy yourself. And it’s not a secret that things are a lot more fun when you can get them for free. In Central Coast, you don’t always need to pay cash to enjoy your Avoca Beach trip. In fact, there are a couple of ways to have fun without taking out your wallet from your pocket. Here are a couple of great things that you can do for free during your Central Coast holidays.

Go Explore

Central Coast is made up of different town and villages – each one with its own local history. You can get to learn more about the history of Central Coast and Avoca Beach and learn more about the reasons, why Central Coast is as popular today as it is. Now, there’s a history lesson that you will definitely enjoy.

Go Biking

A neat and fast way to learn more about Central Coast is by bike. Central Coast is bike friendly and proof of that is its many bike shops, clubs, and bike paths. There are bikes for adults (there are even bikes with baby seats so your toddle can go biking with you) and children. This is another great way to keep fit during your Central Coast Holidays.

Visit the Distillery

There are two places you can visit when you have drinks in mind during your Central Coast Holidays. One is the Distillery Botanica, (formally known as St Fiacre Distillery) while the other is Firescreek Fruit Wines. Distillery Botanica makes a unique range of Australian Native Liqueurs as well as Vodka. Firescreek Fruit Wines, on the other hand, makes fruit, flower and herb wines.

Oogle at pieces of art

When you’re in Avoca Beach once more for one of your Central Coast Holidays, paying the local art galleries are always a good idea – this is especially true if you appreciate art and haven’t been to any of the local galleries. You can visit Galeria de Arte or the Gosford Regional Gallery, which is one of the most popular attractions here. If you are more into photography you can view Ken Duncan’s gallery and experience the world through one of Australia’s most talented landscape photographers.

Feed the Birds

One of the most popular and fun things to do is to go pelican feeding. This activity happens year round. Not rain, hail nor shine is going to stop visitors from feeding these birds. While you’re feeding the pelicans, you’ll get to hear some funny and informative commentary about the pelicans and some other fun stuff.

When it comes to all the free stuff that you can do in Central Coast, these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are lots more offers and activities that you can enjoy for free, so you can spend your cash for something else during your Avoca Beach holiday trip.