The Avoca Beach Picture Theatre has just turned sixty years old last month and to celebrate the occasion, they decided take a trip down memory lane with the same people that have made them a success all these decades – the Avoca Beach community.

Memories at the Avoca Beach Theatre

Owner Norman Hunter, whose family built the famous Avoca Beach Theatre, knows that a lot of people have fond memories and have held special events at the family owned and run theatre. Hunter mentioned that many customers have had their first dates at the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre. The theatre is after all a very romantic place. There have even been weddings held at the theatre!

It’s not even so much about the cinema itself. It’s not the physical structure of the theatre, not the building that the community and the Hunters are celebrating. They are celebrating how the Theatre has contributed to the community and how it has been part of many people’s lives. The Theatre, Hunter said, is part of the Avoca Beach’s soul.
Apparently everyone in the Avoca Beach community agrees.

Celebration With The Community

He also knows that to best way to celebrate what the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre had been doing all these years was to include the community in the said celebration. The Hunters knew that it would be a bit challenging to hold a celebration that way. But that wasn’t going to stop them.

And celebrate they did.

Norman knows that it’s a unique venue so they provided the anniversary with a unique celebration. He said that some of the more notable special events this year was David Helfgott’s live performance at the Theatre. Helfgott has had a film based on him entitled “Shine”.

Another way they celebrated the 60-year anniversary of the Theatre was to show something about human trafficking. The event was sold out. It was kind of tricky to show a film about human trafficking as part of their celebration, but the Avoca Beach community, who wanted to celebrate with the Hunters as much as the Hunters wanted to celebrate with them, came through by coming to the event.

A Full History

For more than half a century, the Avoca Beach Theatre has brought quality films to the community. The Avoca Beach Theatre was constructed in 1951 by brothers Norman and Mervyn Hunter. The Hunters, along with some staff, continue to run the theatre and continue to offer the best films to audiences.

Even after six decades of great films, events and memories, the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre, now in the able hands of Norman and his wife Beth, continue to provide different events and themes. Presently, audiences with different tastes in movies can still enjoy the Avoca Beach Theatre’s cultural evenings.

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